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  • آژانس هوایی مانی گشت

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    شرکت خدمات مسافرتی و هوایی مانی گشت تهران در 81/5/11 تاسیس شده است حدود 16 سال از عمر آن می گذرد، در سال 1386 عضو یاتا ( انجمن بین‌المللی حمل‌ونقل هوایی ) گردیده است.

The Mani Gasht Tour and Travel Agency of Tehran Established in 2001 and its around 16 Years , in 2007 Joined IATA and also a member of Iranian Tourism Community. this agency is active in selling interior and exterior Tickets and Tours. the Company started only by limited and special Tours , but during the time and by gaining more experiences and more Knowledge about Other Special Places and Tours , today is successful in many kind of Tours around the World. some of the other Services of Company is booking Hotels / Visa / Embassy time around the World for passengers , Passport pick up and Booking European Trains.

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Customer services

Mani Gasht airline/travel Agency is able to book tickets on all of the airlines , and presenting Special Prices for European and North American Tours. also this Agency provide CIP Airport Services.

Booking time for embassy

Embassy booking time


one of the Easiest way to book hotels Around the World !


Malaysia / Singapore / Pinang / Langkawi / Bali / Dubai / Thailand / Bangkok / Istanbul / Boke / Georgia / Europe / Brazil / Marrakech / South Africa / Sri Lanka / sri lanka


Consultation for booking Hotels and choosing Best Tours for all Exhibitions and Celebrations.